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When Nothing Makes Sense

I struggle a lot when nothing makes sense to me.  I consider myself pretty logical and smart, but when I can’t make sense of something, I immediately want to toss it out and forget about it.  That isn’t always the best solution.

I took a food allergy test with my naturopath a little over a week ago.  We have had some suspicious about certain foods being less than ideal for my body and I was curious.  So we took a blood draw for the “E95 Common Food  Panel.”

For about the last year I’ve been avoiding gluten, sugars, high glycemic index fruits and the like.  I’ve been focused on proteins, especially eggs, yogurts, kefir, etc.

So imagine my surprise when the test came back and all the wheats are fine, but the big reactions were from egg whites, egg yolks, whey, garlic and sunflower seeds.  I wasn’t too surprised to see bananas on there as I’ve never really liked them and they seriously spike my blood sugars.

But let’s talk about that Whey result.  Okay, I can accept that dairy  might be a problem for me and I’m more than willing to experiment with my nutritionist to see if it makes a difference to remove it from my diet.  But as I read the test further, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that none of the other “dairy category” foods had a high response.  All the other milks and cheeses are in the low category.  How is that possible?  Isn’t whey in milk?  Shouldn’t they be “avoid” foods too? I find myself getting frustrated and screaming into the ether, “Nothing Makes Sense Anymore!”

I am seeing my nutritionist today and she promised to work through this with me, but I’m finding myself having a bad attitude about the whole test.  If I can’t make that whey result make sense to me, then maybe I should just throw the whole thing out and forget about food sensitivities altogether.

Or is that throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath-water?  Do I just need to look at the information in this test as a starting point and road-map to explore with my nutritionist and see if cutting back on dairy and eggs helps me to feel better.  My rash decisions are not always the best ones, so I’m trying to take a deep breath, be patient and let E help me figure it out over time.

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  1. I got the e95 panel done recently, and it came back AVOID for
    ALL DAIRY: except goats milk which is moderate
    ALL MEAT: except pork
    GRAINS: Barley, Gluten, Giliden, Malt, wheat, and moderate for quinoa
    Moderate: Almonds, avocodo, red grape, asparagus, garlic, ,tomato
    AVOID: pineapple kidney

    I’m going to review this with my naturopath but these are foods I eat all the time. I have read that the jury is out on weather IgG reactions mean food tolerance as it can indicate exposure and tolerance. very confusing

  2. I’ve read similar comments on the test. I’ve tested again and eggs didn’t even register as a possible issue. I think maybe it’s just because I was basically living on them at the time and the over-exposure to them returned a result.

    What I’ve been doing is working with my nutritionist to make good food choices and trying to pay attention to my body when I eat new or different foods. I use a food diary and track my moods, stress, sleep and aches and pains.

    Even though I didn’t test as sensitive to gluten, when I have a sandwich on wheat bread at lunch, I get a headache and some bloating by bed-time. Not sure what to do with correlating that to the test results, but I do know that I try to watch how much bread I eat each week and try to find other alternatives.

  3. Thanks for the details. All my issues are don’t produce any GI symptoms (just eczema, rhinitis, and blepheritis) so its hard for me to gauge when I have a reaction to food because I don’t necessarily get worse in a noticeable manner.

    Very confusing

  4. I looked, but can’t find my results. I apparently didn’t file them back where they go. Sorry. I don’t believe any of my results were that high.

    I would think that a food and symptom diary would help. It might not be quite as apparent as mine were, but it does help you see trends. Especially if you’re avoiding a food like gluten, when you do have a bit, you can see if anything happens in the days or weeks that follow and see if that’s a trend.

  5. Thanks, I’m going to create a website that tracks my journey (similar to what you’re doing). If you’d like to follow when I’m done creating it, I can send you a private email or something.


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