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The Gallbladder Connundrum

Gallbladder Symptoms

My biggest weight loss on any “diet” was with one of those popular companies that advertises on television. It cost me thousands of dollars and my gallbladder.

You know the company. You go in once a week to weigh in with your “coach” and pick up a week’s worth of food in a box to eat at every meal. Sure, the box is tastier than the food, but we do these things to lose weight, right?

The idea behind the diet program is that you are supposed to supplement the box food with salads and veggies, but I don’t think I ever did that other than my lunch salad of iceberg lettuce and cucumbers with some red wine vinegar. I was a master scientist about making what they provided taste better. For instance, half a package of their “maple syrup” in their powdered “scrambled eggs” made them less disgusting. 🙂

Over the next six months, I was never without a box of food and I was losing weight. I didn’t have much energy for things like exercise or living, but I was losing weight. I went from 270 lbs to 198 lbs and I was thrilled to have met and exceeded my 70 pound goal.

The following weekend, my boyfriend’s kids were visiting and we always liked to go out to breakfast. The kids like the huge belgian waffles at this one place and I found the biscuits and gravy hard to resist so I ordered them to celebrate my diet success. Big mistake.

Apparently, after having a cardboard diet for 6 months and then a giant plate of carbs and gravy did not make my body very happy. A few hours later, as we were watching the kids play in the pool, I started to feel sick. I went back to the apartment to lay down, but the pain was terrible. I soaked in the bathtub thinking I’d strained my back. It just got worse and worse until I was on the floor in the bathroom begging my boyfriend not to call 9-1-1.

The attack passed, but they came again. Whenever I’d eat anything fatty, there was hell to pay. After the third attack, I was dragged to the doctor against my will. I got a diagnosis and was told that laproscopic surgery wasn’t available at the hospital yet. I’d get the old-style surgery where you are basically cut in half. I didn’t want that and kept looking for a doctor.

I found a surgeon who would do the laproscopic surgery 5 months later. The attacks were coming with more regularity and increasing intensity. Every one of them would be awful. I’d be sick, writhing in pain, begging my boyfriend to kill me and him begging me to let him call an ambulance.

While in the hospital, recovering from surgery, I saw a news story about a class action lawsuit against the diet company because of the large numbers of their clients having gallstones after being on their diet. I debated whether or not to participate in the suit.

But what I took away from all of this is a clear picture that DIETS DON’T WORK!!!! They aren’t good for you. They can often make things so much worse than just making good choices in the food you put into your body. That food tasted like cardboard, because it was the nutritional equivalent of compressed paper. 🙂 If it feels like it’s not the answer, it is probably not.