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Practice Being Awesome!



Isn’t this picture fantastic?  And so true!

It’s so much better to be awesome than to be cool.  Being cool is based on an external set of values held about you by other people.  Awesome comes from within.

You’re fully embracing that awesome when you are being your True Self – in the moment and doing the things that make your heart feel full of joy.

I challenge you to create some room in your day to practice your awesome.  It’s worth it!



I love this quote by Geneen Roth. I printed this out and hung it on my wall by my desk where I would read it several times a day and remind myself of this simple fact. Despite whatever stories I’m telling myself out of habit, I’m doing better than I think I am. 🙂

How are you doing this week? Any road blocks or speed bumps got your stuck? Or are you focused and mindful about your actions? Are you on your path, or do you feel lost and alone?